What is differentiated instruction?

Material is specifically tailored for an individual student.
Calls for the use of curriculum accommodations.
Involves “scaffolding”.
Providing temporary support or guidance to students during initial learning.
Ultimate goal is for students to become self-directed learners.
Examples include: task statements broken into manageable “chunks”; task broken down into clearly identified steps; using models; using cues, prompts, hints or providing partial solutions to problems.
Students are supported or guided through activities and provided “bridges” to take them to the next level of learning.
Temporary supports are gradually removed as students make progress.
Application Work Session

Approximately how much of your teaching is differentiated group instruction?
Do you have students who would make more progress if they received differentiated instruction?
In what ways could you modify your curriculum into more manageable chunks?
What would be required to increase differentiated instruction in your classes?

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