Play it now! Builds here:

(There's some weird delay with the video , not sure why. Play the build!)

I've included some Daft Punk - Random Access Memories parameters files, so you can play what you saw in the video! (You'll have to use your own mp3 of the song though)


This is a MASSIVE update.

New visual style + Play Create Share features:

You can now load your own mp3 files into the game and edit the track in game using the in-game editor.
Once you've made your tweaks, you can then export them into a small .txt file. These parameters files can then be loaded in-game as well, which allows you to create your own experience for a given song and then share it with others.

See the editor tutorial here:

Please read the included README file, the controls and other info are detailed there.

Feedback is super appreciated!

Main Devlog:
TIGSource Devlog:


Music used to demonstrate the editor: Daft Punk: Contact- Random Access Memories
(for demo purposes only, I do not own the rights to the music)

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