Earth is slightly outside of the Habitable Zone at 0,95 AU. 2013 is the peak of the Sun's activity in 11year cycle. Yet despite this in the first half of the year the Sun has been puzzlingly quiet - meaning no sunspots.Henrik Svensmark Cosmic Ray theory says excited aerosols in the atmosphere bound dust and water droplets in the atmosphere and form clouds. Energy for that comes from cosmic radiation which is regulated by the Sun's activity and thus extending and retracting the Sun's EM field. No sunspots, less activity, retracting EM field, more cosmic rays reaching the Earth's atmosphere. Still the Sun is the main reactor of heat and energy on Earth. 2013 is an extraordinary year with longer than usual winter, summer weather front 2 months prior the season and a lot of clouds before actual start of summer. The problem with exoplanets in Habitable Zone is our current lack detect the planet's albedo, also the HZ, and the recent revised calculation, does not include the Earth's albedo. Clouds and cloud cover is complex and not fully understood mechanism, although we know quite a lot of it and its drivers.

Regardless the details enjoy the clouds.

Music: Jesper Kyd - Kane's Family Portrait. Kane & Lynch - Dead Men.

Henrik Svensmark Cosmic Ray study and results -

Henrik Svensmark and his results are the reason why CERN started CLOUD project.

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