Working as a seamstress has given Margret the stability that she’s always hoped for. At Mend, she works with women who understand the suffering she endured during the war, and she earns enough to put her kids through school. Although she never completed primary school, Margret knows the value of education and she is instilling that passion in her children. Prosy, the eldest, dreams of becoming a nurse; Sillah, just nine, has plans to become a lawyer; and Patience, in primary two, already has her sights set on becoming a teacher.

But today, Margret is busy planning for her family’s future. She is cultivating beans, potatoes and cassava, and raising cattle. Through Mend, Margret has learned the importance of clean water and is installing a water tap in her home. And one day soon, she plans on going back to school herself!

The future looks bright, and although she will never forget the anguish that was once constant, it’s now common to see a smile on her face. She can now concentrate on making sure that the only hardship her children encounter is told to them in stories.

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