Title: hyper.data-‬N°3a-c
Year: 2013
From: video installation
Artist: CHANG, Yung-Ta

The data used in the creation of the piece “hyper.data-N°3a-c” were recorded by over 1,100 stations at the very moment of the earthquake occurred on 11 March 2011 in northeastern Japan (Tokyo time 14:46). These data comprehensively demonstrate the location (latitude and longitude) of each station, along with the time, Richter scale, and seismic waveform when it recorded the earthquake. These words and images construct our perceptions of the world and interpretations of senses. With the help of computer programs, the video installations of “hyper.data-N°3a-c” automatically transform the original words and images into program codes of a virtual world. With the disappearance of concrete images, we directly encounter program codes and structures. Under this condition, we are compelled to receive the data and information that our brains are unable to decipher, and therefore mire ourselves in a state of anxiety over the digital.

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