Morning Bird Studio
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Morning Bird Studio is a private personal training boutique, located in Chicago, that empowers clients with the tools and knowledge to transform into the best version of themselves, without the distractions of the outside world.

We provide the personalized encouragement that gets results. Our positive feedback methods encourage clients to achieve their goals, whether it be fitness, weight loss, mobility or performance.

Morning Bird Studio has an inspiring atmosphere that encourages physical creativity and forward-thinking. With warm walls covered in art and an endless stream of espresso shots, we are less of a “pain cave” and more of a “pain gallery!” All kidding aside, stop by for a visit and see how comfortable getting into the best shape of your life can be.

The studio is the opposite of a high-volume big-box gym – utilizing minimal gear, maximum knowledge and personality to create the best training experience possible. The goal is to turn the perception of fitness away from the typical stereotype – creating a culture that aggressively does not settle for mediocre. Couple that with a few laughs, great music and videos, and you get a typical Morning Bird session.

All that said, this is personal training and I invite you to come see us in person. The espresso is always free!

"Upside Down"
The First Four EP's (Bonus Version)

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