Title: Red Bull Blackout

Cinematography: Ronn Seidenglanz, Brooks Farrell & Dan Hughes

Producer: Sidewayz & Red Bull

Format: TV Show on FuelTV / DVD

Running Time: 22 minutes

Description: With Halloween just around the corner, the night becomes just a little bit pricklier, a little bit weirder. For those of you in the Midwest, there have been rumors of strange sightings, like helicopters thumping through the darkness and spooky activity on Lake Okoboji in Iowa. Was this a second coming of the crop circles or maybe the next installment of Children of the Corn?

Well, it might as well have been Children of the Lake, given all of the Nosferatu activity that was going on under the moonlight and over the water. Local reports of this phenomenon were sketchy, but from behind the shadows came the only people that could pull something like this off-- Red Bull!

That’s right, forget vampires and zombies and think more along the lines of Brian Grubb, J.D. Webb and Adam Errington. These pro wakeboard and wakeskate shredders were the highlights of this no-light all night shredfest that was Red Bull BLACKOUT!

After taking over Lake Okoboji, Red Bull brought in the big guns and the big lights, to turn the quiet night into a raging session. Red Bull brought the heli's and Sidwayz brought the cameras, with BLACKOUT being a central focus for their new film.

Also on hand were student filmers, vying top assemble the top cut to try and break into the professional scene. The winning entry will be featured in Sidewayz new film!

It was a night that Poe would have dubbed Masque of the Red Shred for all the killing that went down. From rails to airs, frontside spins to backside blasts nothing was left untouched.

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