After a tour of film, sci-fi, and comic festivals, CrankLeft's first short film is now available to the public.

A space ship bereft of power, floundering on the last of its life support, floats mercilessly through the silent emptiness. A two-man mining crew trapped aboard struggles for its last few breaths before taking a plunge into insanity. The ship's captain begins to see things and hear noises.

When the Lieutenant climbs the exterior of the ship to repair a failing communications antenna, the captain encounters a hideous creature determined to break the airlock and get into the ship.

Marooned is a Science Fiction short film that has classic thrills inspired by movies such as Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and the Twilight Zone.

Director: Bryant Hodson
Producer Writer, Composer: Ben Hodson
Cinematographer: James Spencer
Production Designer: Brad Hodson
Stars: John Fantasia, Chris Sicard

WINNER Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival 2013
WINNER WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2013
WINNER Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2013

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