What helps us believe in a photograph in the digital age?

Online webinar presented on July 29, 2009 from 1600 to 1800 GMT to OPEN-i members.

Presenters: Stephen Mayes of VII, Fred Ritchin of Tisch NYU, Santiago Lyon of AP. Moderated by Paul Lowe, London College of Communication.

Do concepts of 'truth', 'believability' or 'objectivity' have any validity in the digital age? A group of eminent industry figures debated the issue in this webinar

For Fred Ritchin the question is 'How do we come up with a photography that is interpretive but not manipulative, credible and not reconfigured or, in other words, a photography that is subjective and fair?', whilst for Stephen Mayes 'it is always our personal responsibility to understand what we see, and it is a lazy excuse to blame others for our failure to think (noting meanwhile that we can all be fooled from time to time by outright crooks whose objective is to deceive).'

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