A companyfilm on dvd, about the Dutch lubrucationspecialist Kroon Oil, produced in 4 languages.
The film is completely designed, directed and produced by Createchnicals.com

Special features are:
- Script written by Createchnicals' Jaap Tijsze
- Produced in 4 languages, English, German, French and Dutch, by using native voice-overs combined with subtitles
- Text written by Jaap Tijsze and Leon ten Hove
- Animation of The Kroon Oil logo
- Music specially composed for Kroon Oil

As a guideline we have chosen the format of the registration of third party experiences with Kroon Oil. The Kroon Oil customer demands and the answers of the supplier to these demands.

Visit the Createchnicals website for more information about us: createchnicals.com


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