Discipline is among the most confusing and controversial topics in safety. Practiced effectively, a discipline system can support and enforce safety standards and rules, providing corrective consequences to the individuals who do not follow them. However, when discipline is misused or poorly executed, the results encourage an antagonistic relationship among levels. And at the other extreme, avoiding all use of discipline can be equally damaging to safety culture and performance.
Many organisations struggle to reconcile their need to use discipline to reinforce compliance with rules and their desire to build a culture that emphasizes engagement and collaboration between managers and front-line workers. Solving this dilemma requires organisations to think about their objectives and policies, as well as how those policies are implemented and enforced.
So how can organisations start integrating effective discipline into their approach to safety?
In this webinar we discuss:
• Principles for when and how to use discipline in safety
• The difference in outcomes when practicing discipline effectively and ineffectively
• The first steps for organisations to take to start or improve their discipline system
Senior Consultant Filip Coumans and Business Development Executive Stuart Johnston discuss the discipline dilemma in organisations today; the impact discipline systems have on culture and performance; and the most effective ways to achieve consistent conformance to rules and procedures while building a strong safety culture.

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