Living on the beautiful coast of North Tropical Queensland is dreamy to begin with. However, some days you just need to ‘get the flock out of dodge’!

My cries did not fall on deaf ears and before I knew it, two lovely ladies close to my heart organized a heavenly day trip.
Up before dawn, we were barreling down the Bruce highway from Carmila to Yeppoon to catch the 9AM ferrie.
After a quick 15km zip across the Capricorn Coast, Great Keppel came into view.
Imagine my utter delight as we stepped off the ferrie directly into shallow warm tropical water.
Let the silliness begin...
Swooning at the crystal clear turquoise waters and the lush vegetation along the shore, I quickly fumbled for my camera.
With 27 km of sandy white beaches we opted to leisurely wander away from the rest of the passengers and headed to the first sand spit where the waves were crashing into each other from two opposing directions.
Breathing deeply the sea air and taking in the incredible vistas before us, I shared with the ladies how fortunate we are to be standing here on this incredible beach.
What a quintessential day.

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