Zuloark is a networking structure defining its self as proximity learning area, the existing space between knowing how to do something and not knowing how; the environment where you can learn how to do something being helped by others.
Since 2001 Zuloark structure has been participating and awarded in several architecture and urbanism competitions such as two first prizes in Quaderns magazine international competition “400.000 habitatges” or second and third prizes in Europan9 submitted under the meta-studio Zoohaus.
Zuloark has also executed projects such as the 52 dwellings in Orense collaborating with Mero Estudio, the Museum of the Almond tree with the architect Juan Pedro Sanz and also designing and constructing exhibition spaces such as COAM´s (Madrid´s Official Architects Association) space in ETSAM (Madrid´s Superior Technical College of Architecture), with Ariadna Cantis as curator, the All-ages park for “La Noche en Blanco 2010” and it subsequent installation in new places in Madrid, democratic public space projects like El Campo de Cebada and developing some infraestucture in Palomino(Colombia), Lima(Peru), Budapest (Hungary) and Madrid (Spain) under the project inteligenciascolectivas.org developing by Zoohaus.
Has also developed different web projects concerning virtual exhibitions or collective creation: our own web page zuloark.com and freshmadrid.com in its three editions, also the platform inteligenciascolectivas.org aforementioned, a free database of collective constructive details. Collaborating as well as independent studio with many Spanish offices for example Carlos Ferrater, Andrés Perea Studio or Carlos Arroyo.
Getting involved in pedagogical, participative and urban action projects, being Assistant Directors in 10th Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, designing the graphic concept and the participative strategies in Valencia´s young architects congress Arquia/próxima for Fundación Caja de Arquiectos (Architects Bank Foundation) or developing an educational system as teachers in USAZ (Architecture University of Zaragoza. Zuloark has also in this way organized diverse workshops in collaboration with diferent Universities and institutions.
Our final aim consists in an active participation of each individual reconfiguring the whole collective by giving and teaching his own experience, all organize in fluid hierarchies in each project.

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