Part of my installation series 'Liar Liar', this short shows plastic flowers burning, the plastic melting off the wax stems - all atop a broken chair made in Yugoslavia. The fire appears to burn in reverse, expressing the idea that everything repeats, reverts - nothing truly changes. Part of my 'Liar Liar' series.

I created the music for this non-looping version of 'Made In Yugoslavia,' a remix of Bach's Air on G-String, a violin solo. The original, looping version of this piece was created for gallery display.

A Study In Blue Jeans /
Pants On Fire /

Creative Director + Cinematographer: Geena Matuson
Fire Spinner + Production Assistance: Jeremy Day
Post-Production: Geena Matuson
Music: Geena Matuson (remix) of Bach's Air on G-String (violin solo)

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