I spent a few hours at Monza with minimal equipment and without much of an idea in my head on what I wanted to capture. I came back with this.

Everyone sees the cars and the drivers, no one really pays attention to what is going on in the background. The crew chiefs, mechanics, family members... they are the true Driving Force behind a race event. No one would be successful without them. They work tirelessly to get the car and the driver prepared, and when it's the drivers time to turn on and earn that paycheck, the crew can finally relax. That's what I tried to create with this short film. A race event through the eyes of the crew.

90% of the film was captured handheld without a rig or follow focus. Because of that I tried to shoot it a little differently then we are used to with DSLR's. A lot of the shots were with a very small aperture and "infinity" focus to help keep moving objects in focus. Turned out better then I anticipated, and it's a technique I will use in the future.

Filmed with Canon. Edited with PPro CS6.

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