Got together with a couple of buddies and we went for a night ride to see how our Rigid Lights would do. What a freak'in blast !! These lights make night rid'in fun !!
One guy had a set of Rigid Dually's mounted where his headlights where, the other guy had modded his headlights with Rigid LED lamps & he had a 10 inch light bar, and I had the set of Dually's and a set of SR-M's on the handlebars.
We left the house about 8pm. We unloaded the bikes about 9:30pm ... and the skeeters & moths were LOUSY !!
We hurried to get into our gear & break out the bug spray ... which helped a little.
As we rode, the moths were so freak'in bad, it was like rid'in in a snow storm ... only you wanted to make darn sure you kept your mouth shut ... SAVVY !!??
We rode about 28 miles total I think, and returned to the trucks at about 2am. We stopped at a Micky's D for some vittles at about 3 am & I was back at my place by about 4 am ... at which time, I cleaned up a little and crashed.
We saw lots of animals. Tons of deer ... had to drive slow (in the trucks) cause there were so many next to the road & you never know which way they're gonna jump.
Had a cow elk jump out in front of me on the trail, we also saw some porcupines and a fox.
All in all ... it was a great freak'in ride. A tad dusty, but it is summer, look'in forward to the next, "Night Ride" !!
I changed the camera exposure setting to +2, which was a mistake because the video looks "Grainy" from taking in too much light ... still learning about videoing at night and I still hope you enjoy the video..

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