This is a re recording of our live webinar, as the live recording failed.

What it's About

Digitize your physical objects into complete 3D models! This introductory overview of the MicroScribe digitizing system shows how you can capture mechanical/ prismatic parts with the Rhino 5 surface modeling software. You'll also learn to create organic 3D surfaces and see how this system can be used for 3D deviation from a CAD model.

The webinar is free and lasts about about 40 minutes, including the Q & A session.

Who is Presenting

Paul Motley is an Application Engineer for Gomeasure3D, the North American distributor of the Microscribe Digitizing Arms.

Where to Get Product Info

For more info about MicroScribe G2X 5-DoF — MUS Software Incl. visit our product page here at Novedge:

Who Should Attend

Mechanical Engineers, individuals with reverse engineering needs, bio-mechanical researchers, anthropologists, and paleontologists.

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