I'm not sure where I'm going with this. It was suppose to be 4 missiles hitting the overpass.
Don't ask me how a Tornado and a few trucks got involved.

The Overpass was Modeled in MAX. RayFire was used for the Destruction. Fumefx was used for the ground impact smoke and Fire ball. The tornados were also created by Fumefx. The debri flying around the tornado was created using Particle Flow. The secondary dust & smoke were from Action Essentials 2. collection. I basically put them on cards in 3d space using the 3D point cloud data for their 3D location.
Although I used After effects to composite, I really would have loved to use NUKE. When you have 80 layers in after Effects, scrolling up & down to locate a file is a PAIN. With nuke, It would have been so easy to locate files.

When I make the final changes to it,, I plan on posting the VFX Break Down too.

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