A comical, Commedia del arte, slapstick and mime inspired short carnivalesque theatre piece: staged at the famous Spiegeltent in Melbourne 2008. Photography by Nic McGuffog.

The story behind the show: It is the year 1926 in the quaint township of Champs de Paradis where on a peaceful, unsuspecting day a peculiar ringmaster takes a deep, weary breath of the warm summer air and inhales the fragrant odour of wild buttercups. this once famous man goes by the name of Monsieur Von Blurp and on this day, is busy recruiting new performers for his curious circus. In an attempt to inject life back into his failing career, he has sent his courageous and beautiful assistant across Europe in search of undiscovered solo performers and talent acts. after months of tireless exploration she has brought back with her the most unique, unusual and amazing performers she could find. and the result is 'L' audition spectaculaire'!

The intertwined and varied ideas behind the show were influenced by: the fancy and distinct costumes of the fierce Spanish Matadors, the gorgeous vintage pin-up girls, classic circus stereotypes, mime artists, and modern avant-garde haute couture. A medley of fabrics is utilised in every costume as a clever blend of old and new, recycled and reconstructed combine to create dazzling textural and colour combinations.
Watch as the myriad of performers from all walks of life take to the stage and perform every skill they have in an attempt to impress the demanding Monsieur Von Blurp!

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