Out of nothing Matter was created.
Out of Matter a Goddess was born.
A Goddess inlaid with Stars dances in the Emptiness.
The Goddess' Dance creates Light so that Shadows can now exist.
The Universe as we know it is created, filled with its dim distant dying Stars.
A Sphere rustles between Goddess' hands.
Earth is born.

HAMMOCK'S CHOICE: Honorable mention #1

Lensbaby Blog article:

Nofilmschool article:

I want to thank Moovie Rental Milano for providing camera and equipment, my father for helping me out at the very beginning of the editing when I bogged down and all people that made this project possible.

Everything was shot internally on the Canon EOS C500 at 60 fps in 720p with C-Log.
Being blacklight bulbs a very weak source ISO settings were between 2500 and 3200 but still all clips were very very clean.
For the abstract shots I used a Lens Baby Control Freak with an f 2.8 Aperture Disk and sometimes a Lens Baby +4 Macro filter attached on.
For the rest I used Zeiss Compact Prime 50mm T 2.1 shot wide open.
I also used a Vari-Star filter for different shots to enhance light-rays and to make the colors glow a little bit more.
I edited in Premiere Pro CS6 and exported into After Effects CS6 for color-correction
and visual effects.
The earth was modeled using Maya and rendered with V-Ray.

-directed and edited: Stefano Pasotti
-make up artist: Sara Bonzi, Marzia Parini
-model: Elisa Spinelli
-music: Hammock – Cold Front (Departure Songs)

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