Retail Bulletin Customer Loyalty Conference 2013: Masterclass

Over the past few years, the dynamics of customer feedback – and their relationship with brands - has changed radically. However, one thing remains the same – brands want to continuously improve their customer experience by connecting with their customers to build long term loyalty and drive brand advocacy. Increasing consumer adoption of technology, such as smart phones and tablets, coupled with rapidly increasing usage of social media and online review sites, has been a major driver for recent changes in how customers communicate with their favourite brands – both directly to brands and indirectly via their social networks. As a result, brands are experiencing a major shift in both the volume and types of feedback they receive from a number of disparate sources, creating a complex environment to use this feedback to drive customer experience improvements. This session will reveal how to create a consistent and satisfying customer experience across the brand that will not only build customer loyalty and advocacy, but drive sales growth.

You will learn how to:

• Make sense of multiple feedback sources – solicited and unsolicited – to focus staff on what is most important to the customer
• Leverage social trends “inside the walls” to share organisational best practices and apply these to improve the customer experience
• Empower managers to create localised action plans to train staff on required behavioural changes and operational improvements
• Leverage brand advocates to create recommendations for your brand on social media and online review sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and TripAdvisor

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