CSEVIDEO.COM: These videos are identical to the real exam experience. Our exam room has all the instruments and the same set up as the real exam.
Includes 48 full video cases that are done in 15 minutes We have 12 different sp's for each set of cases.

Both male and female with all different chief complaints, challenging questions and a variety of attitudes and personalities. Study guides that will help you to become well-equipped in mastering data gathering, patient notes, communication, and spoken English.

These skills will put you over the top in your preparation for the CS exam.

Our patented products include all the current textbooks into one specialized format that is organized, easy to understand and simple to remember.

ASSESSMENT EXAM: Includes 12 mystery cases with 12 different standardized patients. There is an interactive time paged to type the patient note within ten minutes and a 2 minutes warning notice.

The exam cases are undisclosed so you can prepare yourself for the element of surprise similar to the real exam and assess your ability to manage ICE/CIS/SEP as if it were the real exam.
Watch your CS exam online today at


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