This work speaks to man, not mankind, but the male human. The man that I am. Man who decided,
man who takes leadership, man who often replies to criticism, difference and opposition with

As we reflect on the history of our world, it is hard to identify the progress in man . Still man is
suspended in space, between who he is and who he is expected to become. Striving towards who he
can be, yet realising who he most likely will end up being.

In our academic assessment of particular historical events from many viewpoints documented in
history books and various other media, we can do little more than conduct an autopsy. Incisions are
made, discrepancies are noted, observations are discussed and conclusions are drawn.

Man can not yet rest.
The diver remains frozen in flight.
We feel better as an end was reached.
Findings will be implemented.
Can we prevent similar events?
Claiming innocent victims?

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