30 second teaser! Full video to post Friday night, July 5th, 2013!

Film and Choreography by: Brittany Whitmoyer
Performed by: Jamie Salas
Music by: T0W3RS; To Be Woke

As part of my thesis research this summer and whilst taking a look at the benefits and impact of dance on film, have challenged myself to choreograph and set a solo, film and edit on location in Chicago, and then present both side by side: the live version of the solo, followed by the finished screendance. (July 5th, 2013 is the screening of both).

Dance friends and non-dance friends are invited and welcomed into this exciting endeavor, as I hope to investigate the role social media, the internet, and film have on the future of dance.

The most important part of this process is the feedback received at the showing: I will be looking for the positives and negatives of both the live and screened versions, What the most effective and least effective moments were in each, what you liked, what you didn't like, and why!

Enjoy the Teaser, and Stay tuned for the full film!

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