As children we all idolised candy as the best creation in life, but usually we had someone to tell us not to take it, because it was bad for you. When you are an adult, drugs become your candy. Since no one is there to tell you not to, some people cannot refuse, and thats when life turns to the worst. The video follows a girl who was caught up in the world of drugs, she struggles to live a life where drugs are all around her, and she cannot get away. As she is lying on the stone floor half dead, her mind travels to her distant memories, it starts to worsen as her mind is slipping away. As she is slowly loosing her life, she cannot determine what is the future and what is the past, and as she is slipping away, so is her memories. Was this all a dream? or is she just reliving her life as it is about to end.

This is a project i had to complete for my highschool, it took me several months of hard work, and managed to finish it. i could not have finished this without the support and help of my sister, Leticia Horvath, who acted in my production.

Thank you so much for viewving my video, like, share and subsrcibe if you enjoyed it.

Original song for the video -
She wolf - David Guetta

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