This isn't your average raw drift video. In my opinion, drifting is an artistic depiction of car racing. Figure skating vs. speed skating. Ok, so maybe figure skating while juggling V8-powered chainsaws on a cliff.

Each driver has their own style catered to the road and the car. Like art, drifting follows similar elements and principles such as line, motion, and rhythm. I have edited this video to accentuate those aspects, juxtaposing visual representations of music with images of the road, and engine noise with music.

Anyways it's all just graphs of waves and frequencies. If it all starts to blend together and get overwhelming, well...that's life.

Electrelane - Suitcase
UNKLE - Somewhere

Filmed on a closed course. Do not attempt to recreate any of the driving shown in this video, you will die.

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