Adventures for iPhone easily captures your memories into Evernote.

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Traveling shouldn’t be a chore, it should be an Adventure!

Integrated directly with Evernote, keeping track of your travels has never been easier!

The places you visit are organized into Adventures, ready to be populated by the memories you don’t want to forget.

Creating an Adventure is simple. Tap the plus button, give it a name, and add in some tags for easy searching.

You’re now ready to add in your first memory. If you’re on-location, nearby places will allow you to quickly pinpoint where you are, otherwise, memories can be added after the fact by performing a global search.

You can even add in notes to remember what you did!

Adding photos to a memory is just as simple! To capture a memory in the moment, “Take a Photo” just like you would with your camera app, or add one straight from your library. No photo is too old to become a memory!

When your first memory is set up, choose how you want to share it with the world, and “save”.

Your first Adventure is complete, and will appear on the home screen so you can relive your memories.

Each memory will appear as a pin at it’s location on the map, and flipping the screen over will reveal all the images you’ve added for each memory. Scrolling through the Photo Viewer displays your memories, and the photos that go along with it.

And the best thing about Adventures, is it’s completely consistent with your Evernote account, which makes viewing your memories a seamless experience. Atlas will even show you the locations you’ve traveled.

No memory is lost, with Adventures for the iPhone.

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