Here' s a virtual movie of the great Gerard Manley Hopkins reading what I have entitled "Make Haste So To Live" from his much longer dissertation The Principle or Foundation,

Gerard Manley Hopkins, in his "The Principle or Foundation," discusses the spiritual practice of meditation and contemplation. He stressed the purpose and role of creation: "He [God] meant the world to give him praise, reverence, and service; to give him glory. [. . .] With praise, reverence, and service it should shew him his own glory. [. . .] It is an altar and a victim on it lying in his sight: why is it offered? To his praise, honour, and service: it is a sacrifice to his glory" (228-229). These three words are important to Hopkins because they show how we are in interact with God's expression of himself in the world:

Praise, according to Hopkins, is an act of the mind by which we understand the importance of what we apprehend. We recognize God's glory for what it is.
Reverence is an act of intuition and emotion, but more important, it is a certain stance toward the world. We pay close and long attention to the world in order to see what God has done there.
Service implies an act of the will: we are called to respond according to what we have seen--to teach others, to act differently, or to create works of art that embody the inscape of God's world.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (28 July 1844 -- 8 June 1889) was an English poet, Roman Catholic convert, and Jesuit priest, whose posthumous fame established him among the leading Victorian poets. His experimental explorations in prosody (especially sprung rhythm) and his use of imagery established him as a daring innovator in a period of largely traditional verse.

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