Officer Mark Hobbs would you be so good as to give the information to Russell Malcolm that he need to sort this mess out. You do not go and shut peoples business down and take there property in New Zealand with out due process. Other wise you are just another gang and a Key$cop ...

After being tailed for a week by marked police cars, Russell has been #Raided by 9 cops, half a dozen security guards and an ambulance in a Dotcom style raid! He was told he had 30 minutes to leave his home that he'd been in for 30 years with no paperwork shown and when he had packed everything up and was about to get into his car they said "Times up!" and the security guards (not the #NZpolice) forcibly escorted him off his own property! I have recorded a conversation with Russell Malcolm and am uploading it as we speak to give a blow by blow of this horrific incidence, this is fear and intimidation in my professional opinion a deliberate attempt to silence him. With no access to the internet or any documents for his court case he is now going to court at 9:30am this monday the 8th to defend against charges for which the prime witness will not even be showing up.
His case exposes the Prime Sinister #JohnKey, #Auckland #Mayor #LenBrown and corrupt practices by the Auckland City Council (formerly #Rodneycouncil) & the #NewZealand Police, I believe #RussellMalcolm has as much ammunition as Kim Dotcom to help bring down the tyrants that truly rule this nation, these men are doing their part to defend themselves and by extension all citizens of this nation from scumbaggery, as a media man, I am doing my part too, will you do yours?
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