We pulled up to the location of our 9th show and realized no expert driver would be able to pull our stage trailer through the narrow, packed parking lot. So, all the NLM boys jumped out of the car and pulled the trailer through the tight quarters. When we finally reached the location of our show, we were faced with another problem: the entire space was a sand pit.

We knew that we would not be able to unload our truck like normal. So after eight shows of a fairly quick, disciplined set up, we had to change our process. At first we felt a little discouraged because we knew it would take more work and time to unload everything onto the stage, but soon enough we embraced the extra work and hurried along to set up our stage.

The entire night we battled the sand. If you got off the stage the moment you got back on the sand was everywhere.

The other problem we encountered was that our stage was quite far away from cafes and spots where people gathered to hang out. We were hidden away on a side street and five minutes before the show started we had 15 children watching us and about five adults from the church. The band prayed together before the show and asked that God would do what he wanted with this show and by the time we finished our first song, a crowd of about 150 people gathered.

Ben and Aaron were again able to boldly proclaim who Jesus is and what he did for us on the Cross and 30 people prayed to receive Jesus. What we saw as a sandy pit inhibiting us from setting our stage up quickly and a location far away from public places, God turned into a place where 30 people met him. What an amazing testimony of God's power, when we are not in control He is in total control.

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