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Some Entropy in Your Tea, 2013

Video projection, computer-generated voice

London Independent Film Festival 2014 Winner in Best Experimental Short

Russian-born video artist Alex Anikina invites her viewer into a story of “an artificial intelligence in the world devoid of human presence”. In Some Entropy in Your Tea a default computer-generated voice accompanies the scattered flow of video frames as if taken from an archive of a vanished civilisation, setting a poetic discourse for the blurred borders between memory and history.

In the absence of humans, the artificial entity would have no reference points against which it could measure its own existence, except for the mass of knowledge left behind by the humanity. Will this knowledge taken out of the original context structure itself and become a “memory”, or will trigger madness?

As the systems that preserve information evolve to accommodate for increasingly larger amounts of data, and the contemporaneity starts to give under its weight, Jacques Derrida’s “archive fever” might become the lethal disease of humanity. Some Entropy In Your Tea responds to the dystopia by seeing the end of the world as a practical experiment designed to sort through the information, as “an ultimate prioritising machine” and “a way of breaking the loop.”

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