Feb 2011. Pennsylvania. Grieving Mother Lashes Out at Convicted Judge Ciavarella. Mother Sandy Fonzo Expresses How Greed + Corruption Changed Both Her Life + that of Her Son Who Committed Suicide After the System Drained His Spirit. More fallout from the federal corruption trial of a former Luzerne County judge. Inquiry at the Luzerne County Courthouse Employees. Jurors convicted Ciavarella of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, + conspiracy to defraud the United States, among other charges. He faces a minimum sentence of 12 years in federal prison, + Ciavarella must forfeit $997,600 - the amount received from developer Robert Mericle as a "finder's fee" related to the construction of + county contract with Pennsylvania Child Care, the For-Profit private juvenile detention center.
JURY VERDICT SLIP - wbcitizensvoice.com/pdfs/jury_form.pdf
There was testimony from one current Luzerne County court employee. Nick Callen, once a tip-staff to former judge Michael Conahan told jurors he delivered packages to former Judge Conahan but said he did not know what was inside them. Prosecutors said the packages contained money.
Conahan has pleaded guilty to racketeering.
Callen now works as a tip-staff to senior judges in Luzerne County.
Federal prosecutors said Conahan's tipstaff, Nicholas Callen, served as a go-between for the former judge, unwittingly picking up FedEx boxes full of cash for him from Robert J. Powell, the Drums attorney who built a for-profit juvenile detention facility after securing a placement guarantee from Conahan.
Federal prosecutors identified court stenographer Angela Sallemi as the long-unidentified recipient of a mysterious $25,000 gift from Ciavarella's former colleague and co-defendant Michael T. Conahan.
Sallemi did not testify. Sallemi, 50, of Kingston, earned $67,309 in salary and $3,460 in additional pay last year, according to county payroll records. Callen, 54, of West Hazleton, earned $40,846.
According to federal prosecutors, Conahan deducted his gift to Sallemi from the initial $610,000 payment he and Ciavarella received in January 2003 from the builder of Powell's for-profit juvenile detention center, Robert K. Mericle.
Conahan, described by prosecutors as a "friend" of Sallemi, also loaned her $90,000 to renovate her home and buy a Mercedes-Benz, according to court records.
Sallemi, now chief court stenographer, and Callen, who segued into a role as tipstaff for the county's senior judges following Conahan's departure from the bench, could not be reached for comment.
Luzerne County's President Judge Thomas Burke has ordered an investigation into those employees. Senior Judge Brendan J Vanston of Wyoming + Sullivan counties will review the matter and conduct an internal probe inked to the stream of payoffs at the heart of Ciavarella Jr's corruption trial, court employees mentioned during Ciavarella's trial. Burke said he and his colleagues on the Luzerne County bench will review Vanston's findings + recommendations and take necessary action, including possible discipline. wnep.com/wnep-luz-courthouse-investigation,0,6167616.story
and at citizensvoice.com/news/courts-police/out-of-county-judge-picked-to-lead-employee-probe-1.1109109#axzz1EoBHiTDr

No Disciplinary Action Against Court Staff, Judge Determines. March 25, 2011. Luzerne County President Judge Thomas F Burke Jr announced he will not take disciplinary action against against 2 court employees linked to payoffs at the heart of former Judge Mark A Ciavarella Jr's corruption trial in February. citizensvoice.com/no-disciplinary-action-against-court-staff-judge-determines-1.1123738#axzz1HkWkSuUd

Updates, History timesleader.com/news/hottopics/judges

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