Version 1.0 of the Palm vaporizer is what I'm reviewing in this video. This is a portable vaporizer that's cheap, battery operated, and small. It comes in more colors than the orange you see in this video and there's also a version 2.0 of the Palm which is smaller than this one. This is made by VaporBlunt Inc., the company who makes the Pinnacle and VaporBlunt vaporizers. Unlike the Pinnacle and VB 2.0, this isn't one of the ones that has a water filter (HydroTube) attachment so no water filtration is going to happen with this one. More information on the Palm vaporizers can be seen at where Vape Forest has reviewed them. They review vaporizers, if you didn't know.

The portable vaporizer that this resembles is the Magic Flight Launch Box. I say this because it runs on a AA battery that you insert and pulsate in a similar fashion when vaporizing. It also has what I think is an acrylic lid, similar to the MFLB. Where the Launch Box is made out of wood, the Palm 1.0 seems to be made out of plastic.

Keep in mind, this is truly a cheap vaporizer. Also, keep in mind that everything you've read here today and what you see in the video is my just one user's opinion so make sure you check some other reviews to learn more! I'd like to thank for helping make this Palm vaporizer review video possible. See below for my site.

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