The Power of Positive Doing – Dr Phil Jauncey

What do the Australian Cricket Team, the Brisbane Lions, the Australian Canoeing and Kayak Squad, the Queensland Bulls, the Australian Baseball Team and the Brisbane Broncos all have in common? Well… they’re all champions, they all train in sunny Queensland and they all have the same Sports Psychologist, Dr Phil Jauncey. Coincidence or not?

Most Sports Psychologists say you need to control your mind to give an optimum sports performance. Most sports psychologists work in areas such as concentration improvement, performance under pressure and positive thinking. Most Sports Psychologists aren’t as successful as Dr Phil Jauncey.

As well as his involvement in corporate, business, sport and counselling with audiences nationally and internationally, his educational involvement continues to inspire with talks to principals, teaching staff, support staff, parents and students in the areas of learning strategies, effective self-management of themselves and others, successful relationships, handling stress, coping with change and creating enhanced learning environments.
His contagious passion for life has an overwhelming ability to leave guests wanting more as he tackles the more technical mindsets of self-development and getting back to basics.

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