00:00 The Croods, "cloudsplosions". Developed explosion library, and houdini toolkit for laying out sequence. Layed out explosions for sequence, lit and rendered the explosions in the included shots. Also did simulation/rendering work for cloud/explosion interaction. Houdini/Mantra

00:24 The Croods, water. Did above-water rendering lookdev for the sequence, and simulation work for the included shots. Naiad/Houdini.

00:40 Kung Fu Panda 2, flaming arrows. Maya sim, python-scripted instancing.

00:48 Shrek4, fire-breath. Maya sim, DWA proprietary rendering/shading.

00:51 Puss in Boots, splashes. Developed system for vine/river background splashes and mist, did hero splashes in included shots. Houdini.

00:59 Shrek 4, magic. Maya simulation, proprietary particle shaders.

01:02 Shrek 4, hay and cart destruction. Maya.

01:07 Kung Fu Panda 2, water. Splash/mist sims and procedural wave deformation. Houdini/Mantra.

Music: Blake Fleming, "The Funky Komodenu"

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