Xcorps Action Sports TV SOLOFISH 1 SEABASS with Bob Woodard - Xcorps Action Sports and Music TV presents this offshore sports fishing special hosted by Bob Woodard holding his reputation as a Hemingway class fisherman reeling in BIG fish off Baja Mexico!

As with past Xcorps episodes whenever Xcorps cameras are onboard any boat with angle pro Bob Woodard fish catching action always results from Mexico to Hawaii! In this new Xcorps Fish Films release Bob takes his boat out to sea and south of San Diego to where the BIG tuna and sea bass are biting!

Bob demonstrates the fine fishing art of SQUID CATCHING pulling up the freaky beings from way below and displaying them closely to the camera lens. Then the unexpected happens and the captured jet powered cephalopods turn and attack Bob and the Xcorps camera spraying black ink and grabbing wildly with their tentacled arms and biting beak and strange scream! Bob is forced to defend himself by eating several of the sucking attackers! You might want to turn your heads for these scenes folks! Not for the meek!

Nothing beats live squid for catching BIG fish and the effort pays off with a rod bending hookup and Bob’s battle to land a 45+ pound Pacific White Seabass. The challenge of catching a big predator fish like this also involves keeping it away from other predators like great white sharks the hungry and huge California Sea Lions patrolling the waters around the boat! These affectionate ‘seals’ are big and fast and will easily pull your hard earned fish off the line for itself or at least take a big ugly bite out of it!

This is the first of an Xcorps series of sports fishing episodes featuring host Bob Woodard showing what it takes to go out and catch any fish solo style anywhere. Follow Bob making plenty of moves on deck from catching bait fish to avoiding anchor chains and multiple lines while holding a rod and reel in one hand and a fish gaff in the other! Fun video here folks!

After the fish is decked Bob takes a break to talk about the tackle gear used including the Okuma Cedros Star Drag reel and the 701 Makaira carbon fiber rod.
Stay Tuned for the next episode of Xcorps Solo Fisherman!
Good ole boy fishing tunes in this piece by Southern California band The Dorados on Mahi Mahi Records.
Thanks to the San Diego Marlin Club in this production.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!
A J.S.Edmondson Film
TRT 9:07
©2013 TheXcorps

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