Department Head Costume brings 21st century database computing to the world of film, television, and commercial costuming. No more time wasted on redundant clerical work. Just import your script and let DH Costume start your database for you. You simply enter in your character numbers, changes and day breaks, and you will be ready to print labels for your tags.

DH Costume is for everyone in the Costume Department: Designers, Costume Supervisors, On-set Costumers, Costume Coordinators - your entire department. No more running photos to set and back to the truck. For the first time DH Costume lets the entire department work independently but at the same time share all photos and continuity notes with the touch of a button.

Everyone that needs the Continuity book has it with them already. On their iPad. Create and track changes and character closets. Create and print your tag labels front and back, even your final book. Share photos and continuity notes with your entire department. Create and track budgets, inventory, sizing sheets, continuity, even shipping and receiving information all in one place - your iPad.
DH Costume is built from the ground up to create highly stable, synch-able files. It is not a Filemaker add-on and requires no other software to operate. DH COSTUME has 3x the functionality of the competition for 1/3rd the price.

Built by the creators of ScriptE Digital Script Supervision software and tested by top industry professionals, Department Head Costume is a quantum leap forward in the management of Costuming for Film,Television and Commercials.

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