Astronomers tell us that most of the stars in the Universe have companion stars.
This means that our Sun probably has a companion star.
But what if we can't see that star because it's a Brown Dwarf?
What if that star has an elliptical orbit that brings it close to Earth every 4,000 years and causes huge disasters?
What if you knew that was about to happen again?
What would you do to save yourself and your family?
The hero of my story is in that position.
He's a Stanford Law graduate who is an underachiever because he chooses to go his own way rather than take a cushy job arranged by his father.
His wife is a psychotherapist, and she has had a lesbian lover for longer than she has been married to the hero.
They have a young son who inherited psychic ability from his father's side of the family. This makes him an outcast at school.
The hero has an opportunity to take his family into a huge underground bunker built by his fathers company, Atlantis Trading.
His conflict with his father makes it hard for him to make a timely decision.
He continues to resist even when the disasters predicted by the astronomers start to happen.
He finally decides to go in when San Francisco is hit by a meteor storm.
Once inside he begins to think about the morality of a few people being safe underground while everyone else is left on the surface to die.
He begins to promote the idea that Atlantis Trading should help the people on the surface.
This brings him into conflict with the management, which doesn't want to change the plan.
They finally decide to help when the bunker is penetrated by a very large meteor.
They put him in charge of the project, and they are impressed with the way he handles it.
When they need a new CEO, they appoint him.

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