Songs: Nadir Ecstatic, Worth
by artist Radiant Blood.
listen to this shit.

The Quit Your Life Tour. New camera/editor/filmer/city for every section etc etc etc... you should know by now. Just me, my skates, my pocket change and the good graces of the rollerblading community to get my by after I quit my job and left my home on christmas day. The day after I finished filming Seattle I took a bus to Portland and started filming for this. Again, there wasn't a designated filmer so every day was sort of a toss up. Against all odds the weather held true and I was almost never without somebody to blade with. I had to reuse my vx2100 / mkii setup for this edit, but I feel the added super8mm footage and my choice of color correction gives the section a different enough feel. My favorite part about this piece is the music, though. A year prior I spoke with my good friend and former rollerblading stunt man Sean McCauley about making a track specifically designed for my skating, and what resulted was better than I imagined. Next stop: Wichita, KS.

Special thanks to Dast, Mason, Travis Steenslid, and Chris Bray for putting me up.
Extra special thanks to Mason Powell for the Super8 stuff and Ben Schwab for taking me to the airport.

Filmed by: Christmas, MZA, Ben Schwab, Dustin Jamieson, Dast, and Jon Copeland.
Edited by: Geoff Phillip
Titles by: MZA

In case you missed the first three stops on tour:

vimeo.com/59851908 A Month in Boise by Erik Bill

vimeo.com/64452741 The In Between by Greg Freeman

vimeo.com/67486741 16 Days In Seattle by Carter LeBlanc

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