Edit: Changed the music, tweaked the edit and toned down the secondary coloring. Far more natural and closer to just the LUT now. I used Resolve and got a little carried away trying the various levers and what-not. I used Hunter Hampton Richards' 5D mkIII LUT in Resolve. vimeo.com/67970827 I should have just left it at that.

These are just some clips shot raw with the 5D MkII on July 4th family gathering. The purpose was to try out the workflow for working with raw.
I used RAWMagic (bit.ly/12lksZN) to convert the raw file to .dng.
Then imported them into Resolve a'la ColorGradingCentral.com (youtube.com/v/Kpg0k3aD088)
Adjusted color with the LUT. (vimeo.com/67970827)
I then exported the files to ProRes LT for editing in Premiere.
Everything went according to Hoyle™...
The entire point of the workflow is so one can relink the prores files to the dng files after the edit. Well that's where everything fell apart and an obsessive weekend was spent trying to figure out why the imported XML files did not resemble the exported edit in any way.
Much experimentation and forum sifting and follicle killing time passed until I stumbled across this video on YouTube. youtu.be/AJzgpIdoUqw?t=7m10s
At the 7:10 mark Dave Thomas mentions something I did not see anywhere else. You have to create the Reel number in the project config. Without it Resolve can't make heads or tails of the imported meta data.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if you don't want to spend a weekend tearing your hair out.
Once that was bridge was crossed the workflow is actually straightforward and easy to implement.

Music from neumannfilms.net This music is one of their daily freebies. (Which are fantastic) But Check out their music packages too. I have a few and love them.

Hope this helps anyone having a similar issue.

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