The metal barricades went up in front of Lincoln Center and more taxpayers' money was spent on NYPD overtime.

A young man was physically forced out of Lincoln Center by six or more NYPD.
Normally at Lincoln Center you are escorted and handed a program!
Another man was arrested because he was walking in front of the barricade holding up an THE OCCUPIED Wall Street Journal, however this man had eight policemen and one police woman escorting him to jail.
Also during the evening a policeman and a plain clothes policewoman came rushing towards me - - my camera and I both were shoved, yikes! My paranoia went up a notch or ten.

Opera patrons leaving Philip Glass's opera “Satyagraha” were corralled too, they could only leave via the cultural barrier's pathway.
Occupy Wall Street Journals were given to any opera patrons who wanted one, and everybody seem to want one. I was touched by so many people who took the time to say "glad you're here" and "thank you."

There was a "mic-check;" Philip Glass read a section from his opera “Satyagraha” and was given a second
"mic-check" of applause. Then Philip called on his way
home to OWS - - his message was a "mic-check," another applause.

On my way home via the subway, I thought about Mr. Gandhi, wondering what he would have thought
about the evening.

"Occupy Wall Street" "Occupy the Future"

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