At Google I/O, Google unveiled the Chrome experiment called “Racer.” Racer is a multi-player, multi-device game which can be played on any series of devices running the Chrome browser. HUSH designed an expanded Racer experience that extends the game play past the surface of the mobile devices, and onto a huge, multi-player digital canvas.

As an animator my role included creating exploratory animations, as well as final animations for the ambient state, transitions, and various elements.

Credits -

Client: Google Creative Lab
Design Agency: HUSH
Developers: Active Theory
Technical Systems & Software: AV&C
Music / Sound: Plan 8
Fabrication: Showman

Technical Partner - Erik Karasyk
Creative Partner - David Schwarz 
Producer - Gabe Banner
Creative Director - Jodi Terwilliger
Head of Production - Ryan McGrath
Art Director - Andre Salyer
Designers - Erik Yang, Andrew Teoh, Ben Gray
Animators - James Zanoni, Ross McCampbell
Production Coordinator - Katherine Conaway

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