Video of my 1 month trip to Indeonesia. I spend some time on the "Batu Bolong", a diving boat operated by and based in Labuan Bajo - Flores. I was never a big fan of live aboard trips, but this one just changed my mind about it. The boat is almost brand new (refurbished one year ago), it have a big sunbathing area, 2 cabins which can hold 2 persons each, a big accommodation area on deck with more beds, a big master room used as dinning area (very good food by the way! ) We cruised in the national park of Komodo / Flores.

The diving over there is just stunning. I was lucky to had one dive with 4 Mantas circling us for almost 30 minutes. These gentle giants came very close, for a few minutes one of the big females was just hovering 15 cm above me. This Manta dive was one of the best in my diving career! Besides the big fishes i must say the reef and marine life was in a very good condition and looked very healthy. Absolute worth the trip! A big thanks to Adrienne and crew of the Batu Bolong for the awesome time we had.

A little info about the video:
I used a Lumix G3 with a BS Kinetics housing without any artificial lights. For that reason the color corrections didn't really worked out on most of the shots. Also a lot of the footage is shot very unstable. This have two reasons: i did not balanced the camera+housing setup yet because i will mount first 2 Euphos Widebeam lights before i start to balance the whole thing (at the moment the camera has buoyancy). Secondly the current was ripping at a lot of the dive sites. As you can imagine Mantas, Sharks and Jacks are streamlined… they don't give a f*** about current, actually they like it. Holding on rocks while operating the camera with one hand in crazy current (one part of a dive site was called shotgun!) was hard. All in all i can not say I'm very happy with the outcome of the footage… my fault...

Anyways, thats a good reason to return when i have more experience in operating the camera and have it completely setup.

Kinobe - Small Island
Kinobe - Chasing Clouds (this choice is inspired by TXL Underwater Video, cheek it out on Facebook)
Sonnentanz - Klangkarusel
Distractions - Movement 4 (Extended Mix by OM)

Terima kasih banyak!

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