Music Gear Fast presents the Mojo Hand FX Analogue Filter 443 demo. Check out more great hand's on product demo's from Music Gear Fast on our YouTube channel MusicGearFast, or our site

Welcome to another addition of 'Low Down' by Music Gear Fast. Today we are looking at the Analogue Filter 443 by MojoHandFX.

With this pedal, the classic DOD 440 circuit has been given more versatility. 3 separate knobs allow you to dial in the perfect tone And w/ a smaller enclosure, you get more board space.

Each of the 3 controls have an enormous sweep and work in conjunction w/ each other. Grab a knob and turn through the entire sweep to see what it can offer.

This pedal is also great for bass players. The 443 offers serious low-end compatibility, so much so that you may never bypass the thing.

Like all Mojo Hand FX it has a true bypass, bright LED light, solid enclosure and a 9v DC jack

If you're looking to throw down some serious funk like a true guardian of the groove and have nearly endless tonal possibilities, check out the Analogue Filter 443 from MojoHandFX and Music Gear

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To learn more about the Mojo Hand FX Analogue Filter go here:

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