Invocation - Eluard & Co with the Yvahn Martin Dancers
You may also wish to listen to introductory comments by Professor Mab Segrest:
(Edit note: This clip features all dance interludes spaced throughout the performance edited together. We will represent the dance performances more accurately in the album on our next pass. For now, enjoy as is!)
"Shake Loose Our Skin" was a literature and jazz performance convened by 20th Zale Writer-in-Residence and Tulane Visiting Mellon Professor Mab Segrest via Newcomb College Center for Research on Women.
Zale Writers Sonia Sanchez, Linda Hogan, and Joanna Scott returned to the Tulane campus at the invitation of Mab Segrest to collaborate in a choral reading in Dixon Hall Auditorium on the evening of November 19, 2004.
Under the direction of Eluard A. Burt, II, New Orleans jazz unit Eluard and Company collaborated live with the writers.

Yvahn Martin, Newcomb College 2003, designed and choreographed the production.
You may access Mab Segrest's introductory comments as audio:

Full program notes and audio podcast download available at
Watch the Sophielab Vimeo channel for more video from the 20th Anniversary of the Zale Writer-in-Residence Program (2004-2005) with our Spring 2005 Zale Writer and Tulane Mellon Professor Ellen Gilchrist.

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