KettleTown-Lock Stock & Brew (Reality Television): Beer.Unfiltered.Teaser number 2

Welcome to KettleTown. The awesome, yet ruthless breeding ground for brewers out to stake their claim in the no-holds barred hierarchy of high rising, fast sinking craft-brew start ups.

The thirteen-part series takes an in-depth look into the “no-guts, no-glory” ambition it takes these innovative entrepreneurs to see if they have what it takes in todayʼs fiercely competitive beer scene.

Follow Mark Brand @eastvanbrand as he explores Vancouverʼs craft brew culture. Itʼs all going down in KettleTown.

Follow @kettletown and RT this link to win your own personal custom made cask with Graham With @parallel49beer brewmaster and 20 of your closest friends for a private party at Parallel 49's tasting room this summer! To learn more see:

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