School districts use Learning Management Systems for a number of reasons. To help go paperless or lose the dependency on heavy or expensive textbooks. Or to save money or time for teachers. But what’s in it for the students?
After all, that’s why we’re here, right?

Voice and Choice
A personal learning environment can give students Voice and Choice.

Itslearning can help students have a voice in how they learn as well as how they express themselves in their learning.

itslearning is a safe way for students to share with others. Students can create their own blogs and even ePortfolios to share among peers or even with college admissions or potential employers. They can even help develop and update an individual learning plan and track progress towards personal goals. There is even a special student space where students can collaborate on projects or clubs and other special interests.
Students can participate in surveys, polls and discussions boards. With the expectation that every student’s voice will be heard, itslearning is the ideal way to differentiate learning experiences.

With itslearning, it’s easy for teachers to allow student choice in how they show understanding of a topic. They could elect to make a verbal or written presentation, make a video, create a drawing or cartoon. Student competency and understanding become more important than complying with one-size fits all assignments.

Pace and place.

Students can log into itslearning at any time and from any place. We’ve found that high schoolers may want to study or work on projects later in the evening. With itslearning, it’s possible to review videos, take quizzes, collaborate with peers, or participate in a study conference when they are most alert. In this way, itslearning extends learning opportunities beyond the walls of the school building.

One place with access to everything.

Itslearning can be that ONE place where students can access all of their course materials. It’s no longer necessary for students to go to separate teacher’s site or text book sites to see what tasks are due and access course materials. Itslearning becomes the one stop shop to access everything.
When students log into itslearning with one of the age-appropriate interfaces, they can access their personal dashboard making it a snap to see at a glance what tasks are due, what they will be working on in their classes through the course planners, and access the feedback given to them on submitted assignments.

By facilitating voice, choice, and access, itslearning can support teachers and students as they learn together and create an engaging online learning community.

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