This is a Vim Introduction to be watched by those looking to start using Vim or are curious about what it can do, or whatever... You don't necessarily "learn" anything here except that Vim is amazing and you get to learn my personal take on it :)

This is a *long* video (almost 28 mins) so I'm providing an index below so that you can fast forward through to the major sections.

00:00 Welcome
00:31 Who I am
01:05 Who you are
01:14 What we're going to do
01:50 What Vim is
07:40 Our first look at Vim
08:38 Colour schemes
09:32 The GUI menu
10:36 The GUI Toolbar
11:12 Window Tabs
12:15 Specific file type recognition
13:40 Folding
15:49 Diff / Merge
17:26 The help system
19:08 Extensibility / Plugins
20:30 NERDTree File Tree Explorer
20:54 XPTemplate, FSwitch, Protodef and custom functions
24:02 Your every day in Vim
27:06 Summary and Goodbye

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