ART DIRECTION: Ilenia Notarangelo
3D MODELING: Francesco Posca, Matteo Ruffinengo
LASER CUTTING @ Fablab Turin
PAPER ASSEMBLY (aka GLUE WAR): Francesco Posca, Matteo Ruffinengo, Ilenia Notarangelo, Luca Gonnelli is an amazing web service that let you organize all your internet discoveries in a way that's far more easy, collaborative, social and entertaining than all other options.
When they asked us to create a concept video to explain what the platform is about we thought that their amazing space metaphor would have been perfect for a papercraft video, and papercraft is definitely one of our preferred techniques.

Our thanks go to Valentina Montagna & Alberto Granzotto, Urlist captains, for this wonderful journey we did together!

A Making of will come soon! ;)

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