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KEY IDEAS in this episode: • Nature of friendship • dating • changing emotions
This program will enable students:
• to examine changes in relationships during adolescence
• to identify with and describe changing emotions within friendships
• to discuss peer expectations regarding dating

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Episode 32 - Young Hearts:
The Hometown friends are crossing a new threshold: Dating. Thomas' sister, Tracy, initiates the group with her crush on Simon and soon, everyone begins to follow suit. Will friendship stay number ones with these young hearts?

Episode 33 - Also Known As:
Alex, set on to become a writer, has been keeping a daily journal. His integrity as a writer, brother, son and friend comes into question when he has his stories published in the local paper.

Episode 34 - Cherish The Gift:
After so much work on his greeting cards, Thomas has an offer from a small press to publish them. Caught up in success, he loses normal perspective and finds himself in the middle of a lot of stress. A good lesson of humility on what is true success.

Episode 35 - Pride In A Prism:
Eddie's cousin from L.A. is coming to town! Rich, good looking, well traveled and experienced, this guy has everyone's head spinning with his stories. What is there for him to find in Maplewood? Perhaps a better attitude and respect toward others.
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